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A Lebanese husband and wife started selling pork tenders out of a street car across the street from the current location back in 1932. They would prepare the tenders in their home, as well as a a quarter chicken, pig snoot and pig brain sandwich. The pig snoot and tenders are still prepared the way the Nabor family began.

We are well known for our delicious hand battered pork tenders. We dress all of our sandwiches with mustard, a home-made hot sauce, horseradish, onion and tomato. This has been a tradition since 1932.

Ashlee Ruhl runs the place now as her parents, Jeff and Maria (Herrera) Brown took over the restaurant in March 2010 when her grandfather, Ricardo Herrera retired. Ricardo Herrera bought the

business in 1975 from the Nabor family, and ran the business along side his beloved brother Alfredo and baby sister Olivia for nearly 35 years. The next generation of owners has safeguarded the legacy built by the Nabor's and Herrera's and will continue to serve up some of the best Pork Tenders in the city!

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Established in 1932.

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